EURIF has been invited to speak in different seminars and courses all over the world, such as the UIC WORLD CONGRESS ON HIGH-SPEED RAIL that took place in Tokyo (Japan) or the IX INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE FOR HIGH-SPEED in Córdoba (Spain). In addition, EURIF has organized many seminars in differente places, two of its most important seminars were The HST California Seminars that took place in Bakersfield and in San Jose University in Silicon Valley during 4 days.

Both international seminars on high-speed railway technologies were organized by EURIF and Fundación Caminos de Hierro with the support of the Mineta Institute. Antonio Arribas and Eduardo Romo, engineers with over 25 years of experience in designing systems for high-speed railways, were the heads in charge of these seminars

The purpose of these seminars were to promote, a high level knowledge of high-speed railway technologies, for a selection of graduate engineers and specialized professionals. There were training sessions about catenary, signalling, track and telecommunications.

In addition, EURIF is the organizer of the next HST California Conference and Trade Show that will take place in the Los Angeles Convention Center in 2017.